Thursday, June 23, 2016

Charleston trip recap

This past weekend my sister finished her residency in emergency medicine (!!!). I am so proud of her! We went back to Charleston to celebrate. We got in just in time Thursday night to have dinner downtown with my sister and her boyfriend. We stayed at Charleston Place, which is in the perfect location-walking distance to shops, restaurants, and the water.

There were SO many kids and dogs swimming/playing in al the fountains. It was packed!
Friday we slept in really late (7 AM flight the day before + time change meant we were exhausted) and ordered room service for breakfast. My sister had to work at the hospital all day so I went with my parents to the Gibbes Museum and then lunch at Magnolias. This was the hottest day Charleston had had all year. It was brutal! I forgot what 90%+ humidity is like! We walked around, relaxed at the hotel (it started to rain/storm), and shopped on King Street (I bought the Lilly Pulitzer Tala Romper I'm wearing below). My other sister (JHS) flew in late Friday afternoon. We had our fancy dinner at the restaurant in our hotel (The Charleston Grill). The photos from dinner are on my mom's phone, but I wore the sailboat dress from Anthropologie that I posted about here.

Porgy and Bess exhibit at the museum 
The Lilly for Target shorts are still my favorite for super hot weather. I wish I had been able to find another pair (or 3 ;)
Saturday morning we ate breakfast together in our hotel and then headed out to shop on King Street and walk around. Doctor sister and her boyfriend met us for lunch and then they headed back to my sister's house to get ready for the ceremony. JHS and I walked all around downtown and down to the water. It got super windy but it cooled down to the 80s so it wasn't as hot walking around. My sister did a little photoshoot for me in my new romper. I would have worn it Sunday too but unfortunately I spilled chocolate ice cream on it :(
I am definitely on board with the romper trend! This one is Lilly Pulitzer, Tala Romper
I love this photo my sister took on her run! I didn't take enough photos, mostly because my iPhone battery drains really fast these days (getting a new phone this week!)

After our long walk we relaxed at the hotel. My parents went to the ceremony/dinner for doctor sister so it was just me and JHS for dinner. We did a little more shopping (I think I converted my sister into a Lilly lover!) and then went to dinner at Indaco. The pizza was delicious! We also got ice cream after at Jeni's (that I then spilled all over myself). I guess we have a Jeni's here in LA-I've never been to it.

Sunday morning I packed up and said goodbye (and happy father's day to my dad). The rest of my family stayed until Monday, but I had to get back for work Monday morning.

I have loved visiting my sister in Charleston, but I am so excited for her next adventure in Colorado!

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  1. I'm so glad you had fun in Charleston. As you know, it's my favorite place! I hate I never got to meet you IRL and since your sister is moving to Colorado, you might not be back for a while. If you are ever back in South Carolina, give me a shout. I'd love to meet you! Take care, and please tell your sister congratulations!


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