Monday, June 6, 2016

Memorial in Vegas

This Memorial Day Weekend 30 members of my family and extended family headed to Las Vegas to celebrate the life of my uncle who passed away in March. It was absolutely bittersweet. I saw some family members that I hadn't seen in four years (our last reunion was summer 2012 in Missouri). There was a lot of sitting around and sharing memories of my Uncle Tom. We brought all of his favorite snacks and watched an amazing tribute video that my cousin made. Lots and lots of tears over the weekend but I am so grateful that we were all able to be together again.

View from our hotel room. Doesn't really feel like Las Vegas!
My cousin took this photo of me. I would say it's a new favorite. Despite the sad circumstances, being with family felt so special.

Flower carousel in the lobby of the Wynn hotel
Had to get some pool time in. In the morning it was just me and both my sisters down by the pool, hadn't seen my doctor sister since our Dallas trip in January. I bought new sunglasses since I left mine at home, and I could definitely use a spare pair! I am pretty sure almost every blogger has this Marysia bikini top. HA! But I have to say it is flattering and comfortable (in my opinion) so I get the hype!

I love the back of my coverup. I can't resist bows! (It's a few years old from Sperry)
The front

On Friday while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, my sister, mom, and I went across the street to the mall to do some shopping. My local mall here in LA is under construction so I have been browsing online and ordering (and returning things by mail which is pain). I still prefer trying on clothes in person if I can. Splendid was having a big sale so I tried on (and fell in love with) this romper (waterfall print romper, $158). I ended up wearing it to the casual get together we had Friday night.

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