Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's PARTY time!!

3 essays, 5500 words, and 1 in class test later I am FREE (until May 12 but let's not think about it). So I am celebrating this and the fact that my roommate has pretty much moved out with a party on Friday night!! My room is tiny (seriously) so I'm throwing a big hallway party. I had to get all of my neighbors to sign approval so we'll see how many people show up (40 people on my hall, then 29 other friends were invited). Though Friday is a holiday here (ANZAC day) so a bunch of Aussies are going home for the weekend. Either way I think it's going to get pretty crazy! The best part: the theme.

Preps and Gangstas

I wanted to do just preppy but my party planner (good friend of mine) thought we'd get more people if we made it a choice (though who doesn't own a polo??). Pimps and Prostitutes is so over done (and so not me) so we're going with the theme above.

If anyone has any party planning advice, leave a comment!

1 comment:

  1. Oooo what a fun theme!!! You should have preppy drinks and drinks that rappers sing about... Martinis and Gin & Juice, import beers and 40s, make everything one extreme or the other!!!
    I cannot wait to hear how it turns out!


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