Sunday, April 6, 2008

living next to a pub=BAD

Ok I am SO behind on SO many things! I haven't drawn the winner for my blog "contest," sent the like 5 packages I'm supposed to send, started my essays, etc. I promise to get back to business ASAP!

The sad thing is that my door was broken this weekend so I was essentially a prisoner in my own room (my roommate was gone). Instead of staying in and doing homework I had friends come sit in my room while I went out (it was that or prop the door open). Very bad!


  1. Hahaha...sounds like something I would do. We'll catch up on our work together!

  2. Hhahaha I know exactly how you feel!!! A few months ago I moved. I am now within walking distance to all of the bars... I don't get as much done as I used to.


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