Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ok we have a date! I had previously said we would decide between 2 dates but with so many people interested in meeting up (30+) I just went with the majority.

Drumroll please........


I have some great girls on my planning committee ;) who are going to make this meetup so fun!

SO NEXT STEP: IF this date (Jan 31st) works for you PLEASE leave a COMMENT with your EMAIL ADDRESS! I will NOT be posting anymore details about the meetup on here (for privacy/security reasons). All additional details (time, place, etc) will be through email. I will be SCREENING the comments so no one will see your email address.

Bloggers who had previously commented about helping to plan: please leave your emails too so I can get in touch with you (Landlocked Mermaid, Wearing Mascara, both of the Sarahs, and Kat)


  1. Ahh mannnn! I wish I was still in DC and I would be all ovet this little meet up. But I'm allll the way at the very bottom of VA on the NC line. :( I'll be there in spirit though. Ya'll better take pics!

  2. Wish I could come, but I will still be at school instead of at home in the area! Have fun!

  3. I won't be able to make it and I'm disappointed about it. Brad's surgery is scheduled for the 29th and I'll probably be bringing him home that day. Maybe I'll get to join in the fun next time!

  4. I am SO jealous that there are so many fabulous bloggers in your area! You guys will have a great time!

  5. I just love your blog and I left you an award! Love, MG

  6. How fun! We can't wait to hear all about it after the Meetup :-)

  7. I'm so sad I just saw this! I've been reading all y'alls blogs for awhile and would love, love, love to meet up! Sadly already have plans for Jan. 31st :( If it's a success (I'm sure it will be), I'm SO there for the next meet-up!

  8. Thanks for letting me come crash the meetup. I'd love to get a list of the people's blogs who were there.


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