Friday, January 9, 2009


When I first got home, I started a post on a celebrity I saw. The list kept growing (though I don't have as many as Danielle) so here are my celebrity sightings for December and January!

Ma*rk Wahl*berg at my church. I obviously can't reveal which church (I don't need any stalkers ;) but rumor has it the pants dropping actor is trying to get his kids into my alma mater! Maybe this is my chance to become a celebrity nanny!

Leo%nardo Di*Caprio at the shopping center. I guess he needed to do some last minute holiday shopping too ;)

Ha*nk Azaria at Walgreens. I own Now and Then so I was beyond excited. Unfortunately he didn't do any Simpsons voices while waiting in a very long line

Mar*cia Cross at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Taller than I would have expected and very pretty.

Emi*le Hir*sch driving in front of me while we were stuck in traffic (the only thing that made rush hour bearable!)
Then I saw Emile again at Disneyland on Wednesday. He was even wearing a "Milk" sweatshirt!

Dylan McDer*mott
at Brentwood Country Mart. He looked really really good!

Aly*son Hannigan at Toast

** I do the na*me thing because when Danielle posted the celeb she saw with Jill, they got a bunch of weird online fans accusing her of stalking so I do not need that kind of drama! (though it was kinda funny)


  1. OMG that is sooo awesome! I NEVER see anyone famous... wait that's not true, I saw someone from Degrassi once in a restaurant

  2. Ok that is awesome!!! I am so jealous! I have never seen anyone famous :(

  3. fingers crossed you become a celeb nanny! and of all places to see a celeb, Walgreens! funny!


  4. Man, and I thought I saw my fair share of celebrities in NYC!

  5. Wow - that is really cool! If I saw a celeb in a store I would hate to stare or invade their privacy, but it would be so hard to remain nonchalant!

  6. I love your list AND I'm so happy we saw Al*son H*nnigan at Toast~ so exciting!

  7. Fun! I miss that about living in southern Cal. I'm still waiting for my Arm*strong and Mc*Connaughey sitings here in Austin . . .

  8. Wow, that's crazy. Lucky you! Also, so funny that you had to put the stars and such in the name. Super fans are crazy!

  9. *picks jaw up off ground*

    They are some very big
    names, miss! I'm really
    jealous. Ehh. I love
    celebs. (a little too much)

    I dream of being a
    celebrity nanny. Mostly
    for little Suri. Or
    the Affleck/Garner cherubs.

    Can be we be besties?

  10. I am so jealous! If you ever see Adrian Grenier, please tell him I would like to have his children :P

  11. Smart girl. Although I will say the whole "being accused of stalking Josh Gr*oban thing" was kind of funny.

  12. Oh, how fun! You don't run into many (read - none) celebs here in Omaha, NE!

  13. So fun! I would love to live in the LA area!

  14. there was a post today on x17 about mark going to church in beverly hills........

    and reed, I would die if I saw someone from Degrassi..does that make me super lame? BUt I did go to high school with JTT...

  15. I don't know what I would've done if I saw Leo in real life. My 8th grade Titanic crush would've came back and raped him. For sure. :)

  16. This is impressive. I hardly ever see anyone other than when I pay to see them.

  17. Whoa!!! Kate, that is crazy!! I only see Redskin football players up here in VA, what neat encounters you had!

  18. So great! I saw my first celebrity at the National Gallery in London...ready for who it was? Gary Cole, the actor that plays Ricky Bobby's dad on Talledega Nights or also Pineapple Express and classically Office was crazy!


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