Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Look what I just picked up on Hautelook:

They also have a cute strawberry:

And they have these in rings too. The elephant ring is soldout :(

AND Hunter Boots are on sale for $58 at Gilt Groupe right now!! That's a steal!

If you would like an invitation to Hautelook or Gilt Groupe leave a comment with your email or send me an email!


  1. Hi! Love your blog and usually don't comment but will delurk to ask for the Gilt Group invite...please?
    Thanks a bunch,
    amanda a.

  2. Cuuute!

    Am trying to justify the Wellies over at Gilt right now. If only I had a stable full of ponies to go accessorize them with . . .

  3. Hey! I'm sure you probably already saw but I tagged you for the Honest Scrap award :)

  4. cuuuuyte. I looove the cupcake one!

  5. I was at Wally World last night (I really hate that store, but there is NOTHING in Clemson), and they had a towel wrap with an anchor on it. I thought of you.

  6. I'm loving the strawberry one! Will you send me an invite???


  7. So cute, the rings were adorable too!

  8. Love the necklaces! The strawberry one is very cute.

  9. will you send me an invite? :)


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