Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting Crafty (sort of)

I am always bookmarking creative blog posts. But I pretty much have NO artistic ability so I can only attempt the basics. I have been slowly building my letter wall. Read about it HERE. Over a year ago I saw this post by CBK of Plan Acourtingly. I immediately bookmarked it and vowed I would create cute letters like the ones she made. Well I searched and searched and couldn't find cardboard letters! My local Jo-Ann's and Michaels don't carry them.

Then I looked on the Jo-Ann website (why didn't I do this earlier???) and found the cardboard letters!!!!! Find them HERE. I ordered a bunch and am so excited! Here are the ones I have done so far. I have only used paper. I am going to try to do fabric ones for the next batch. I use Modge Podge to make them shiny!

An example of a letter (before):

(I don't have any newspaper so they are drying on a Marshalls bag)

Closeup of heart paper:


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  2. Thats such a good idea! I would LOVE to do something like that and put my initials over my boring dorm bed; however, I think I'm more craft challenged then you think you are!

  3. love this! my friend did something similar but she used silk fall leaves and glued them on. it's so cute! i'll have to do one for Christmas.

  4. They have these letters at my JoAnn's! I would have picked them up for you! They look great though!

    And also, I had a great time on Sunday. Sorry I didn't text you back. The rice krispie treat ball was AMAZING! So good!

  5. new follower! i LOVE this adorable and very good ideas!!

    xoxo follow me!

  6. LOVE this idea! Genius! I am always tempted to buy the letters at Anthropologie, but the fabric in "my" letters never goes with my decor. Thanks!

  7. So funny that you go this idea from CBK! We've been friends and practical roommates for years! She's quite the crater and your letters look amazing! I think I'm going to get some and cover with moss to put on a bookshelf.

  8. I'm catchting up on my blog reading--what a fun craft. And you did a terrific job with your letters. Thanks for the inspiration.


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