Tuesday, November 2, 2010


1. Why am I so into nautical? Have I always been nautical obsessed? Am I a member of Delta Gamma?
Blame it on my high school! It started with wearing a polo with an anchor on it every day for 4 years. Check out this post, the post, and this one. It's tough to say when my nautical obsession began. I have old photos of me in sailor dresses so maybe it was always there! I often wish I had joined Delta Gamma. I love that they are the nautical sorority!

2. What exactly is my job?
I am a full time nanny for one handsome little guy. Check out this post on "A Day in the Life" (though back then my hours were much shorter-I now work between 45-50 hours).

3. What is my favorite fashion accessory (i.e shoes, handbags, scarves, earrings, etc.)?
Headbands! Tied with bags. I have so many tote bags!

4. How did I first get involved in blogging? What are my blogging tips?
My first blog post was on November 12, 2007! Read it HERE. My first anchor post is HERE. The first blog I ever read was Canadian Preppy (I don't think she blogs anymore). The first comment I received was from Tres Poshe Preppy.
My post on blogging tips


  1. First of all I totally agree with the handbags and headbands thing! They are basically my obsession haha and also your post about getting started with blogging was really helpful- thanks so much!

  2. Aw I started blogging in Dec 2007 so we were right around the same time. Good thing we met via blogging because you're pretty awesome! ;)

  3. Trust me when I tell you - and I worked for DG, still work with the wonderful women of DG as a volunteer, that you are much beloved in DG. Women in Delta Gamma check your blog religiously. You have made many friends without even knowing it. Thanks for your amazing blog. Nautical or not, it's smart and fun.


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