Friday, May 27, 2011

Barnes and Noble nautical totes

Last year Barnes and Noble had really cute nautical totes (see last year's post here). The other day my mom brought home one of this year's totes. So cute!

The totes are $12.95 with the purchase of any two items (the tote alone is $24.95)

Sailboat and anchor:

Umbrella and beach ball:

There's also kite and bird and frog and dragonfly


  1. Oh my, how cute are these??

    I am such a bag HO :)

    Hope your weekend is awesome-

  2. I love the sailboat one, I think I'll have to get that one for my mom, for their sailboat. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I see these in the book store on campus all time and wondered about them. They are very spring/summer appropriate.

  4. I saw these the other day I was at B&N! They're super cute!

  5. What a great deal and such cute styles - who'da thunk it from Barnes & Noble!

    Think I'll go buy more beachy reads and get one at a discount, too!

    Thanks for sharing ---
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend-

    Linda (aka beachside cottage)

  6. oh those are precious! my little sister would love those!! xo

  7. That first tote is just darling! Barnes and Noble always has some surprising preppy finds--I get my Lilly pencils and Jonathan Adler office supplies there.

  8. So cute!!! Heading to BN right now.

  9. Love the totes. Pick up two last year. You can never have too many totes! Will have to make a trip to pick up this years design. Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy your weekend!


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