Monday, May 23, 2011

Reusable bags

I love reusable bags. I might actually be addicted. I just can't resist a cute bag! I use them for everything: from groceries to transporting things from my apartment to car to work. I keep them by my front door and in my car. My favorites are the ones from Forever 21 (see the cupcake one below). The F21 bags retail for $1.50 (!!!) and I have at least 6 (see my nautical ones in this post). They are easy to bring along to the grocery store and hold heavy essentials without breaking. I also really like the Lilly Pulitzer ones (see flag one below). I included a variety of different styles. Please leave a comment with other suggestions. Would love to see what you use! You can never have too many of these! I will be posting my collection next week.

Some cute ones I have seen recently:

Winston tote:

Bicycle bag:

Penguin tote (the foldup bag comes in an adorable penguin zipup pouch!):


More sweets:

Lilly Pulitzer (I have this one and another Lilly bag):

Jonathan Adler:

Junior totes (I have the elephant one and I gave the cupcake one to Sweet Tea Diaries):


  1. I love my reussable bags too, have too many to count. MY faves are from Mixed Bags.

  2. So cute - thanks for sharing

    Linda (aka Beachside Cottage)

  3. So cute. I have to check out the F21 bags. So inexpensive.

  4. I use my cupcake one all the time! I love the F21 cupcake one too! So cute!!!

  5. That cupcake one is adorable! And I like the Lilly and Jonathan ones, too. :)


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