Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reader Submissions: Nautical Shopping Finds

From Jessica, Ms. Mindless:
T shirt:

T shirt:

Flip flops:

From Bronco Mom (private blog):
China Glaze nail polish (love the nautical names like knotty, starboard, and ahoy!)

From fellow L.A. girl Ashley A.: Zappos which includes nautical jewelry, clothing and shoes

Includes really cute Betsey Johnson jewelry like these earrings (sea horse in bowtie!):

Lacoste anchor beach towel (I have this-so cute):

From Carly, College Prepster:
Shell belt:

Whale belt:

Sailboat belt:


  1. I bought those flip-flops a few weeks back! I was so happy to find them because I used to always buy J. Crew's critter flip-flops, but they're not making them anymore :(

    And thanks for sharing that Zappos has tone of cute nautical-themed apparel -- I'm making a shopping list as we speak ;)

  2. I have those flip flops from Target. They are the most comfortable things! I wore them quite a bit on my beach trip last weekend and plan on wearing them again this weekend on my trip to the Outer Banks.

  3. Love the nautical flip flops. Got to get them before they run out of my size! Thanks for sharing

    Linda (aka Beachside Cottage)

  4. Wow, adorable picks! I love the flops, towel, and belts. :)

  5. I picked up the rope/striped shirt from Target. Such an easy piece to throw on and feel cute!


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