Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Emma Graham Designs

I am always looking for the perfect dress (you can never have too many!). One I can wear to brunch on a Sunday morning or out with friends on a Friday night. I got an email from the women at Emma Graham about their Spring 2012 line. These dresses are too cute! I love the colors in the spring line (Cape Cottage Blue, Nautical Navy, Flamingo Pink, Mint Julep Green)

I think my favorite dress is the Jordan (nautical navy with coral crochet trim):

How adorable are the ruffles on the Jenn dress?

And look at the back!

Aimee dress:

The color of the Ellie dress is described as King Crab Coral. Don't you love it?

Starting this week Emma Graham has introduced Design Your Own dresses. Pick the style and color combination and you are set!

Have you heard of Emma Graham? What color dresses will you be wearing this spring?


  1. King Crab Coral!! ahhh I love it! OPI needs a nautical nail collection (they should totally let me and you design it) and that should be one of the names!

  2. Seriously TOO cute. I have a million weddings to go to this year; the Jenn dress may be making an appearance!

  3. Thanks for sharing this designer! LOVE the dresses - especially that Navy one you posted. SUPER cute.

    I'm having a giveaway today - stop by! :)

  4. The Jenn dress has my name all over it!

  5. Loving that Ellie dress! And the Make Your Own Dress sounds genius!

  6. I am in love with the Jordan dress - navy and coral - eeee!!

  7. Invitation to bloggers: hop on Twitter and tell @emmagrahamdesig why #EGisforme and win a chance to become our fashion correspondent and win an EG Spring Wardrobe!


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