Sunday, April 22, 2012

I don't like the new blogger

at all! It's why I didn't post on Friday. I was overwhelmed! The little icons annoy me (why can't they just use words?). When I upload photos they are automatically centered even if I click "None" for layout. And I hate that the default setting is to have to use <* br> for line breaks (minus the *). After attempting to write a post for over an hour I finally figured out that under Options (on the right when drafting a new post) you can change the setting to "Press enter for line breaks." PHEW!

I always have a hard time with change. I know I'll get used to the new blogger (and then they'll change it again ;)

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend (and Earth Day)!

ETA: You can switch back to the old interface temporarily! Thanks for the tip, Miss Lindsay! When you are on the dashboard click the little flower icon (looks like a flower to me...) and you can switch to old interface!


  1. Neither do I!! I don't even want to start a new blog post because I'm so confused!

  2. OMG! I hate it too! And it doesn't work in FireFox which is the only browser I use. I was so mad posting yesterday...I clicked that little 'Feedback' button and wrote 'FIX IT!' and sent it in. Lol...I'm pretty good about change, but as someone who does web usability as a profession, I was going NUTZ at how stupid the changes were. glad I can vent to someone who understands! :)

  3. Me either!! I was relieved that I could still switch back to the old interface. Not sure how long that will last....

  4. Me too! I can't seem to schedule posts, no matter what time I do it doesn't work. I'm not crazy about the change.
    Best, M.

  5. I hate it, too and change as well. Ugh!!

  6. WTH?? I hate the new blogger as well. Horrible interface. :( I wish there would be a choice for users to have the new and the old one.


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