Thursday, April 26, 2012

J.Crew Anchors Aweigh

I have yet to see any of these in person but all of it is on my summer wishlist!

Maritime anchor dress:

Scoopneck blouse:

Girls' bucket hat (I have a smallish head so I might try to fit this):

Anchors aweigh pant:

Girls' dizzy anchors sateen dress (they need to make this in bigger sizes!):

Anchors aweigh skirted tank (there is also a bikini):

Boys' short:

Sequin anchor tank (I think J.Crew went too far with sequins-remember the draw string sequin harem pants?! AWFUL! I think this tank is just the right amount of glitz though):

Are you loving the mini anchor print?


  1. The blouse is cute but $$$...I guess if I was working in an office it would be worth it, haha. Agreed on the dizzy anchors dress...or maybe a women's skirt!

  2. I'll take one of each! Especially that sequin jcrew tank, even though I think sequins on a tank is ridiculous!

  3. OMG all of those outfits are amazing I think I need them all! Fabulous finds as always!

  4. Love the dress! And that blouse is definitely on my list, haha; normally too expensive, but I am enjoying my sister's employee discount there!

  5. I bought that first dress and absolutely love it. I will be wearing it on the first boat ride of the season. xo

  6. I love that cute little bucket hat!

  7. Love that dress!!! Great picks!!!
    Best, M.

  8. I was just about to say they need to make that girl's dress in bigger sizes, it's so cute!

  9. I love that tank top! If I get a j crew gift card soon, I may have to pick that up!


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