Monday, April 9, 2012

My Everyday Jewelry

I wear the same basics every day. I only take my watch off when I shower! I have to have a watch on (I have the tan to prove it!). Otherwise it's ALWAYS on (along with my bracelet, ring, necklace, and earrings). I do switch it up when I go out nights/weekends, travel, etc. (have to add something nautical!). I don't mind mixing gold and silver as you can see.

I wear the Maya Brenner Mini Letter "K" Bracelet. You can get up to four letters but I prefer the look of a single letter. The letter is tiny. Here are a couple of photos that sort of show the size

Dogeared Good Luck Reminder Elephant necklace from my mom. This is also pretty tiny but people always notice it/comment on it.

My high school ring (I went with Pink Tourmaline, which is supposedly the alternate birthstone to Opal for the month of October. I didn't want opal and I love pink so this worked out). I'm thinking about retiring my high school ring and wearing the Kate Spade mini anchor ring instead. I worry that the anchor ring will get dirty or lost if I wear it to work every day though

Right now I wear this pink Lacoste watch. I used to wear a brown and pink Juicy watch that was really cute (had brown strap and little pink hearts by each number). The battery kept running down so I am wearing the Lacoste one temporarily. I am saving up for this Kate Spade watch

I keep my gold stud earrings (just basic, small studs from Macy's) in all of the time. Similar ones found here . I will switch to different earrings if I am going out and want something different (pearls, anchors, bows). I used to change earrings frequently but started having bad reactions so I stick to the basic pair for ever day wear.

What jewelery do you wear every day? Do you rotate daily or stick to the same basics?


  1. I have a similar pink Lacoste watch - need to break it out! Been wanting that little elephant necklace for awhile.
    (I noticed the Nautical Lilly bag in the background or your ring pic... haha)

  2. I absolutely love your bracelet with the k on it. That is simply gorgeous. xo

  3. Your high school ring looks almost exactly the same as mine! I went with the pink gemstone instead of opal too...opal is super expensive, apparently.

    I love dogeared jewelry, but I haven't bought anything from there yet, haha. I wear my high school ring everyday along with a handmade necklace I got for my high school graduation. I need to branch out and try new jewelry!

  4. The only thing I wear every day is my wedding band/engagement ring. I love costume jewelry so I'm changing it out every day! I love your pieces though--classic and beautiful!

  5. Dogearred is a favorite of mine! I used to have the lotus wish necklace,but it broke (as it is supposed to so my which can cocme true). I also wear a watch, a bracelet from my boyfriend, and a small gold ring everyday. I switch it up with is good to have a go to look!

  6. I've been wanting a Dogeared necklace; they're so dainty and fun! And I love your watch, too!

  7. I love the dogeared necklaces! I have one myself. I have a ton of stuff, and my latest fav is Alex and Ani. They have a store in my town. I buy a bangle once a month!

  8. I love that bracelet! This sounds like me, I have to wear a watch no matter what. For work I usually wear my watch, pearl earrings, monogram necklace, monogram cuff bracelet, engagement/wedding ring and then either my signet ring or my DY ring on my right hand. On the weekends I switch it up and add fun jewelry!

  9. I rarely wear a watch! I have one, but the battery died ages ago, and I never replaced it.

    I always wear the Tiffany silver heart that my boyfriend bought me for our first Valentines Day. I always wear earrings, though I switch them up, depending on my outfit.

    I love the mini letter bracelet! I might have to look for one!

  10. Love that bracelet. Gorgeous!
    Best, M.

  11. I really really want one of those bracelets, but I just can't handle the price. I hope someone will make something similar for cheaper soon--it's so dainty & lovely!


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