Thursday, March 21, 2013

Organizing: Paperwork

I was inspired by this photo I saw on Instagram from LA organizer, John Trosko (his Instagram):

Previously I was putting all paperwork (receipts, bills, tickets, mail, etc) into this container and then sorting through it once a month or so. But it was tough if I needed to find anything quickly, for example, a Target receipt or a confirmation letter.

After seeing John's photo I got to work! If you are local you can get the velcro envelopes at Cash n Carry in Culver City (hidden gem, thanks for the tip, John!). The velcro envelopes aren't as easy to find but I saw tie and snap ones at Staples and Office Depot. I still need to get a bigger envelope for to go menus but I am happy to have started this project! I went with a bunch of different colors but they are also available clear (like John's). I have the program from Anything Goes still out but otherwise everything else was sorted!

Unfortunately I do not have a label maker (yet) so I am temporarily using mailing labels (that are already falling off). Do you have a (not super expensive) label maker you recommend?

Coupons and Gift Cards, Bills and Statements, Tickets, Receipts

Closeup of the coupon/gift card envelope

How do you organize your paperwork and mail?


  1. Great idea! I have a few different boxes from the container store that I organize with. I organize my monthly bills differently-but I love this idea, especially for coupons, etc.

  2. looks like a great way to organize...project #1 for the summer!! thanks :)

  3. I don't...but I should probably fix that!


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