Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summertime Road Trips

Today I am linking up with SoCal Blogger Society to talk about summertime road trips! I am pretty lucky to live in a beautiful state with a lot of scenic road trip options. After I graduated high school my friends and I drove up to San Francisco. We had so much fun! I did a cross country trip (from DC to LA) after I graduated college and most recently I did DC to Charleston when my sister moved last summer.

Coastal Living 5 Stunning Coastal Road Trips

I have two road trips planned and hopefully I can add at least one more. First up I am headed to the Coastal Living Showhouse in Coronado when it opens to the public in July. I just missed the showhouse in South Carolina last summer when I visited my sister in Charleston. This is the magazine's first showhouse to be located on the West Coast so it is a MUST SEE!

Second, I am planning some lighthouse visits (finally!). On my list I have: Point Fermin Lighthouse, Angel's Gate Lighthouse, and Point Vicente Lighthouse. If I have time I would love to drive farther up north to somewhere like Big Sur, which I haven't been to in years.


Do you have any road trips planned for this summer?

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  1. I love that we blogged about the same road trip! Hav you ever been to the lighthouse in San Pedro? I went a few years back and it was cute. If you want to go again, I'd love to :)

    1. Ok I thought that was the same as Angel's Gate? Am I wrong? I only looked into it because you had mentioned possibly going awhile ago. I definitely want to go!

  2. Driving from DC to LA must have been amazing!

    1. I just wish I had had more time or someone with me. I didn't really get to stop and see the sights. I would love to do another cross country trip with lots of sightseeing!


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