Monday, May 19, 2014

The Bachelorette Viewing Party Essentials

The new season of The Bachelorette starts tonight on ABC! I did not watch most of Juan Pablo's season because I really didn't like him. But I liked Andi a lot and I am excited for this season. 25 hot guys? Count me in! My sister used to host viewing parties at her house but now that she has a second baby I will be taking over as hostess. My sister's friends always do a bracket with extra categories to get more points such as if someone cries, someone says they are in it for the right reasons, and of course when someone says another contestant is in it for the wrong reasons (oh the drama!). You can make your own or just google "Bachelorette Bracket"

Nautical by Nature | The Bachelorette Viewing Party Essentials

The Bachelorette Viewing Party Essentials:
Fun drinks and cute paper straws! If you are hosting your girlfriends how about Sofia mini blanc de blancs and Perrier Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water? How cute are these heart paper straws from Cost Plus World Market ($10 for 25).

Games! Pin the tie on host Chris Harrison or Bachelorette bingo (can also be a drinking game depending on guests) are major hits. Ask guests to come up with an opening line, the cheesier the better, that they will say when they arrive (pretending they are getting out of the limo)

Treats! These tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries are perfect. I saw this muffin idea on The Dating Divas. Just print out photos of the contestants and you are set!
The Dating Vivas stud muffins
Meet the stud muffins!

Roses! ProFlowers was the official floral partner of The Bachelor. Any Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing party must have some flowers around in honor of the infamous rose ceremony. These can also be favors (a single rose to each guest as they leave)

I am sharing this post as part of ProFlowers Summer Viewing Party. You can see more viewing party ideas over at the ProFlowers blog

Will you be watching The Bachelorette tonight?


  1. I'm so excited for Andi's season tonight!! I hated Juan Pablo..glad I didn't waste my time watching! Can't wait to see all the hotties!

    1. I watched the first two episodes of his season and then stopped. I didn't like him and I had two others things recording on my DVR anyway ;)

  2. I feel like this may be the season with the hottest guys! Looking forward to this season :)


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