Friday, June 20, 2014

Ask Nautical by Nature: Wooden Rocking Boats

I have posted two wooden rocking boats on the blog and ever since I've had people email me to ask if I sell them, know someone that makes them or if I have seen any others. I really wish I knew someone that made them! If you know someone that makes them PLEASE email me or leave their information in a comment on this post!

The first one I featured was from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child back in 2010 (post here):

The second one I featured was part of a reader submitted nautical nursery back in 2012 (post here):
Nautical by Nature blog: Nautical Nursery sailboat cradle
The baby's grandfather hand made this sailboat cradle! How sweet that he will be rocking to sleep in something so special.

Here are the options I have found. If you have seen others please comment with a link so I can update this post.

Etsy, $325
This one looks a lot like the RH Baby and Child one if you like that look

Vivedecor, $190

Overstock, $127
Not completely wooden but still cute

If you are interested in building your own I found a couple of websites that provide the plans. Purchase the plans and then buy your own materials


  1. My son would love one of these boats! The first one is my favourite! I love your blog, although I don't usually have much time for commenting. Best regards from Barcelona,

    1. Hi Marta,
      You should also look into The Balmain Boat Company. They have some great build your own boat kits that would be perfect to do with your son/as a family!


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