Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pacific Northwest Trip: Seattle Day 2/Portland Day 1

This was our rainy day in Seattle so I didn't take many photos. We started the day with a delicious breakfast at Lola and then walked around Pike Place Market.

Had to take a photo of this bakery since my family is three girls
We had lunch at Serious Pie. We devoured every last crumb of our pizza. One of the best I have ever had!

We stopped to pick up warm drinks at Moore Coffee on our way to Seattle Art Museum.

my hot chocolate

cars hanging from the ceiling in SAM

Next we walked down to the Seattle Aquarium and ate our mini donuts from Daily Dozen Donut Co (inside Pike Place Market) as our snack. How we waited that long to eat them I don't know!

Enjoying the rain
Our cousin, who lives in Tacoma, came to visit for dinner. We had drinks/appetizers at Palace Kitchen, dinner at La Fontana Siciliana, and then headed to Bathtub Gin after. All were within walking distance of each other and our hotel. It was such a fun night. I just wish we could have spent more time with family on this trip!

The next day we were on the road to Portland. Before we left Seattle we stopped to get breakfast for the road at Top Pot Doughnut. Definitely my favorite donuts of the whole trip (with the mini donuts from Pike Place Market a close second). 

We arrived in Portland around lunchtime. After we checked into our hotel we walked to get sandwiches at Bunk. BEST grilled cheese I have ever had! A rainy afternoon seems like the perfect time to do some shopping! We stopped at Powell's Books, Alder and Co, Frances May, Animal Traffic, Canoe, and Tender Loving Empire.

Nautical by Nature | SoCal Blogger Society Spring Brunch Fiesta
This is the shirt I bought at Animal Traffic
Canoe had the cutest set of nautical flag blocks (second shelf, second box)

We had a quick snack at Brunch Box and then headed to Portland Art Museum. We basically had the museum to ourselves since it was pretty late.

We had dinner at Apizza Scholls. Can you tell I never get tired of eating pizza?! This pizza did not disappoint either!

I loved our hotel, the Paramount, in Portland. The location was perfect for us-walking distance to all of the places above (minus Apizza Scholls). The hotel restaurant was under construction (fine with us!) so we got a really great deal on a very nice room.

Restaurants: Lola (breakfast), Serious Pie (lunch), Moore Coffee, Palace Kitchen (appetizers), La Fontana Siciliana (dinner), Bathtub Gin (bar), Top Pot Doughnut (breakfast), Bunk (lunch), Brunch Box (snack), Apizza Scholls (dinner)
Sightseeing: Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Aquarium , Portland Art Museum
Hotel: Hotel Five (Seattle), Paramount Hotel (Portland)


  1. It looks like you are having such a great time!


    1. It was such a fun trip. I just wish I had had more time in each city!

  2. Top Pot is THE BEST! We used to live a block away from one. It was hazardous to our health.

    1. That would be way too tempting for me! They were delicious. I was actually craving donuts this morning but I don't even know where we have a place that sells them nearby. Probably for the best I couldn't find one!


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