Friday, June 27, 2014

TripAdvisor: Las Vegas + Justin Timberlake concert (again!)

This post was sponsored by TripAdvisor as part of their summer travel campaign, but all opinions are my own

In August I am heading back to Las Vegas to see Justin Timberlake again (!!!). This will be the perfect summer getaway. Las Vegas is a magical place. Amazing restaurants, dazzling shows, and the best people watching in the world! My most recent trip, to the Pacific Northwest, was all about sightseeing and we were on the go for most of the trip. Since my sister and I couldn't plan in person we would talk on the phone while we were both sitting at our computers. I would have multiple tabs open comparing hotels and restaurants on TripAdvisor. I found my favorite hotel of the trip, The Georgian Court in Vancouver, through TripAdvisor. We found all three of our hotels using TripAdvisor but The Georgian Court was hands down my favorite. I ALWAYS read pages of reviews of hotels. My sister had wanted to stay in a trendy hotel in Portland but the reviews made it clear it wasn't the right hotel for me (LOUD! people partying all night, etc). We ended up at a (quiet) place we really liked that was in a great, central location.

Anyway as soon as I heard Justin Timberlake was playing in Las Vegas again I knew I had to go! I asked two friends, one of which has only been once for one night (and mostly stayed in her hotel room) and the other hasn't been since we were in high school (and not 21). I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about all things Vegas but I don't go as frequently now so I don't know the trendiest spots or newest restaurants. Enter TripAdvisor for the win! I was asked to make a Pinterest board highlighting my favorite Las Vegas spots and a few places I want to try/heard good things about. You can find the board here.

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Here are a few of the pins from my TripAdvisor: Las Vegas board

We will be staying at the MGM Grand Hotel. The concert is in the hotel. You can't beat that! All we have to do is take an elevator and two minute walk. No dealing with cabs or lines after the concert. Plus the MGM has a lazy river. August in Las Vegas you'll need to be in the water if you are outside!

Our second night we will be going to see The Beatles Cirque du Soleil show, Love. This is probably tied with O as my favorite Vegas show.

One of my friends really wants to try one of the famous Las Vegas buffets. I've been reading reviews and I am thinking The Wynn or The Bellagio. The desserts alone are mouthwatering!

I love seeing all of the Vegas lights at night. You can get a great view from the top of the Eiffel Tower or my favorite spot, Mix Lounge.

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  1. I'm dying to see Love! I've been to Vegas three times, one time I was 6 months pregnant. No fun at all! Hahaha! Fremont is still my favorite part. It's so great for people watching and getting that old, cheesy Vegas vibe. Jacob and I got married in Vegas so I think we're going to plan a ten year anniversary trip and invite all of our friends. That's not until 2016 though. :(

    1. I did not know you got married in Las Vegas!!! That is so great! Definitely think an anniversary trip sans kids is due!

  2. Ill be seeing Justin and staying at mgm too! I go to vegas almost every month and I highly recommend the buffet at Caesers, Bacchanal :-)

    1. FUN! One month away! I just saw him in November but you can never see Justin too many times ;)

    2. Ive already seen this tour 5 times and have 4 more to go. No such thing as too much JT! Where are you sitting for the vegas show?

    3. Oh wow! Another JT fan! I haven't seen him that many times though. I've seen each tour once except this one will be twice I guess. I am not exactly sure where our seats are for this one. I believe section 14 or 16


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