Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day in the life | Summer 2014

I love reading day in the life posts and of course I like sharing my own! I did a day in the life back in August 2010 and then another in August 2012. August 2010 H was just 6 months old and his grandma lived in LA for the summer so I was working reduced hours when I wrote that post. That was such a fun summer-we took H to lunch at Nordstrom, visited all of the local parks, and did a lot of shopping! The August 2012 post reflected my normal schedule before H started preschool (he started in July 2013). I chose to do another day in the life post this summer because our schedule changed again. I am still working my 50 hours a week but H began pre-k (!) last week. He is no longer napping and stays at school an additional hour. The day below was our last day of him napping/our previous schedule.

Monday June 30, 2014. H will be 4.5 in August

6:43 | Awake. Turn off my alarm, quickly check email
6:50 | Get into the shower
Mon Wed and Friday alarms are always the same wake up time. Tues Thur changes depending on the week. I am usually up at 7 those two days but last week I didn't have to be at work at my normal time due to the holiday week (YAY!)

7-7:05 | Out of the shower, throw on my comfy clothes (I always sleep in shorts and a short sleeve shirt but in the morning I like to put on a long sleeve t shirt and sweats), start making breakfast

I started Weight Watchers a couple of months ago and switched from my beloved Hershey's chocolate syrup chocolate milk to chocolate almond milk and Jif whips peanut butter. Baby steps!
7:10 | Eat breakfast, check email again, look at Facebook, Instagram, maybe some blogs
7:20 | Brush and blow dry my hair, brush my teeth, put in contacts, get dressed
7:40 | Check my email again (I usually have an email from my boss on the days I do NOT check my email before I leave for work), put on my shoes, grab my bag, lock up, take the elevator down to the parking garage
7:45 | Get into my car and head out. My goal is to be on the road by 7:50 (I start work at 8)

7:55 | Arrive at work (depending on traffic my commute is between 5-12 minutes, holiday week means closer to 5)
8 | Head inside the house. Say good morning to everyone. Start making breakfast if H hasn't eaten yet, let the dog out, start a load of laundry, do a quick inventory of the fridge and write grocery list

8:15 | Start making H's lunch (hotdog and corn muffin from BBQ the night before, throw in a banana, fill up his water bottle. H gets dressed in his room. I help him brush his teeth and then he plays in the playroom while I finish dishes from breakfast and talk to my boss about the weekend/week ahead
8:50 | H puts on his shoes, I grab my bag, the grocery list, and H's lunchbox and we head out the door
8:55 | We are driving to school
9:05 | Arrive at school. Today is his last day in his classroom. He moves up to pre-k the next day. I take photos of him with each teacher

walking into school
9:17 | Back in my car and I head to the grocery store

I always use my Lilly Pulitzer cooler bags for groceries. They hold a lot and keep everything cool
9:35 | Leave grocery store. This was a quick trip to the store. I just needed a couple of things
9:47 | Arrive at my mom's house to feed the cat and let him outside (she is in Sun Valley with the rest of my family for the 4th)
10 | Stop to get gas
10:10 | Back at work house. Unload groceries, put laundry into dryer, make H's bed, put away clean dishes, put stray toys/books/etc back where they belong, let the dog out

11 | Cut up a nectarine and sit down to have a quick snack. Check my email, Instagram, reply to text messages
11:25 | Wash/dry dishes, tidy up the rest of the house. I put on music while I walk around the house 
The Endless Love soundtrack is SO GOOD
11:50 | I have a few of the guilt free (is that the name?) Trader Joe's potato chips. The dog really wants some too. Browse Facebook, blogs, IMDB news

12:10 | Put the dog in the master bedroom and head out
12:20 | Arrive at sport store to get golf tees for activity I saw on Pinterest
12:40 | Arrive at H's school for pick up. H wants to visit his new classroom one more time so we go there and he shows me around. I meet the new teachers
1:15 | Get home from school. H goes to the bathroom and then we read books
1:30 | Lights out for nap time (starting about 3 weeks ago H stopped napping daily. Three days in a row he didn't fall asleep so I thought it was perfect timing to transition out of daily naps. He won't nap in pre-k so for about 2 weeks prior to this he started napping every other day. Today was a nap day since pre-k starts the next day)

1:35 | Rinse out his lunch containers, make my lunch (late for me!), email my boss an update on the day so far, let the dog out again, fold laundry
2:15 | Sit down and read blogs, etc on my phone. Answer emails.
3:15 | H is awake. He goes to the bathroom, gets dressed, has a snack, we do an activity at his little table

Trader Joe's cheese sandwich crackers and homemade fruit smoothie (I forgot to take a photo but I just use the blender and whatever fruit I have on hand)
I am working on H's fine motor skills. I found this on Pinterest. Balance marbles on golf tees in a foam block 
4:10 | We run out of marbles so we put away the activity and decide to go on a walk with the dog. Get our shoes on and attempt to get the dog's harness on
4:45 | Back from our walk. Wash hands. I tell H he can watch Dinosaur Train at 5 if he cleans up all of the stuffed animals that he put in his tent in his bedroom over the weekend.
5 | H watches Dinosaur Train while I start making dinner
5:35 | I feed the dog, turn off the tv. H goes to the bathroom and washes his hands. Dinner is ready. He has leftover chicken from their weekend BBQ, pear, and beans
5:55 | He's done eating. I start doing dishes while H plays in the playroom. When I finish the dishes I go into the playroom and we read books, do a puzzle or game

I keep track of our day in this notebook. I have awful handwriting when I am in a rush (which is basically every time I write in this thing)
6:35 | I leave work
6:45 | I am back at my apartment. I change clothes
6:55 | Head to my mom's to feed the cat and make sure he's inside. Eat a quick dinner

7:30 | Leave my mom's and head to Santa Monica for a comedy show at Westside Comedy Theater. I can tell it is a holiday week because traffic is light and I find parking right away (never happens)
I cheer on Lindsay (second from the left)
9:50 | I get home and immediately change into my pajamas. Turn on my computer, schedule a blog post, respond to emails, check Facebook
10:40 | Turn off my computer and wash up
11 | Double check my alarm/change my wake up time. BED TIME!


  1. I love reading day in the life posts! Such a busy day you have!!

    1. I love reading them too. I have mini breaks throughout the day but it definitely is busy and I am on the go a lot!

  2. Day in the life posts are my favorite! I just loved reading this!

    1. I love them and what's inside your bag posts!

  3. Hi Kate! I loved reading this "Day in the life" post! It was one of my favorite posts from you, ever!

    1. Wow, that is great to hear! If there are any other personal posts you would like to see please let me know. Sometimes I feel my daily life is so boring no one would be interested!

  4. Wow! Nannying looks fun but hard at the same time! I might have to steal this idea for my blog some day.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    1. You should definitely do a day in the life post on your blog! It's a fun way to see how people are spending their day to day life between blog posts

  5. Replies
    1. I love reading them so I feel like I had to post my own too ;)


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