Friday, September 26, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday really snuck up on me this year. Wasn't it just July? My birthday is in less than two weeks. The weekend before I am heading to San Francisco and the weekend after I start my GRE prep course. On my actual birthday I have a kickball game so maybe I will celebrate with friends before or after. I am going to go big for my 30th in two years and rent a movie theater (yes, you can do that. No, I don't know what movie I will show but doesn't it sound fun?). So for now I am saving money and not doing big parties. But I can still make a little dream list for the blog!

Nautical by Nature | Birthday Wishlist

Kate coat, $288, Boden | There's no way I could justify a coat like this while living in Southern California. But isn't it pretty? And the name is perfect for me! (Note: I first saw this coat over on The Preppy Leopard)

Sweatshirt with logo, $125, Petit Bateau | A sweatshirt is a bit more appropriate for the weather here. And I love the bright colored sailboat!

Anchor classic tote, $95, Vineyard Vines | My current Vineyard Vines tote is looking very well loved these days. I think it is time for a replacement and tiny anchors are the perfect pattern for me

Elephant charm necklace, $115, Linanoel | Proceeds from this purchase go to the David Sheldrick foster an elephant program (Note: Found this via Day Old News). I tried on the J.Crew elephant sweatshirt but the fit is weird (IMO). Way too long. I might try to mens version instead.

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  1. That coat is so cute!


  2. Replies
    1. Don't even get me started on Mini Boden! SO CUTE!

  3. Did you know you can exchange your current VV bag for a new one? The company will replace it- just fill out a return form and exchange it for the new one you want! I once asked the company if they could repair an old one and they told me to just return it, despite it being just normal wear and tear. I've done it twice!

    1. Oh wow! I am definitely going to look into that. Thank you!


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