Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend with my nephew

I spent Labor Day weekend with this handsome guy. I am back at my place now and missing those sweet baby cuddles. BUT happy to skip those 5 AM wake up calls (he is a great sleeper but early to bed, early to rise)!

My brother in law, Baby Nautical, and my mom spent the past week in Martha's Vineyard at my brother in law's parents' house. My sister and the baby decided to skip this trip but my sister joined them at the end of the trip for a wedding in New York. It was just me and the baby for the weekend (luckily H's grandparents are in town so I didn't have to work Friday). Lots of walks in the neighborhood, play time on the floor, and sitting in the shade in the yard. I tried to send my sister lots of photo updates. And this guy is pretty photogenic so that was easy!


  1. He is adorable! What a fun (and exhausting) weekend!

    1. Thank you! The key for me was napping during his morning nap and then going to bed early. Obviously that isn't always possible when you have multiple kids or a different job though! I was ready to be back to my regular routine by Monday. I will say that!


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