Friday, February 1, 2008

Oceanic 6?!?

Any "Lost" fans out there?? Another amazing episode, so many new questions. If you are a fan I highly suggest checking out this from Kristin at E!online. She is pretty much my hero.

Most importantly, thanks to this site I discovered that Lost is current in Australia (the new season is premiering next week there)! So this means that I won't have to rely on my mom's DVR and wait until I am home in JUNE: I can watch the episodes from my apartment!


  1. I used to love the show so much. I missed the first season, but I bought the dvd got all caught up and then I watched the 2nd season. But then I missed the 3rd. So now I'm hoping I can catch up so I can watch the new season. It really is a great show.

  2. Lost was SO GOOD lastnight! I am so glad it's back on and especially since nothing else is new with the strike...


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