Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Travel Tip Tuesday

I leave Sunday night for Australia and am hoping to get some helpful advice from blogworld. Your suggestions can be specific to Australia or travel in general.

I already have about a million guide books, a pink travel pillow from Brookstone, and spacesaver/vacuum bags from the Container store.

I'm hoping to hear from some of you lurkers/anonymous posters on this post!


  1. Yeah for guidebooks! God bless guidebooks. But try not to whip it out too much, else you will be a target.

    If there is anything that I learned by flying back and forth 7 times between NYC and Japan (and the 8th this March, final haul!) is SLEEP. Get a cute blindfold so that it forces your eyes closed (I prefer a cute one, I have a pig, frog and bear from Korea, lol). This may be repeated again and again but really do try to get on Australia time.

    Here is a tip for your return home: get on LA/DC time ASAP. Even before your flight. Going to Asia/Oz from the States is fine (you will arrive one day ahead in the evening right? Don't get TOO much sleep, else you will be bouncing off the walls at 3am Aussie time), but Asia/Oz to States is HELL. Like utter hell. I came back for two week Xmas break last December and spent the whole first week getting over jet lag. This summer I stayed up the whole night before my flight and conked out on the plane - totally fine if a wee bit off when I arrived in NYC.

    Oh yeah, your going to have to pack a small hand towel to keep in your purse. You're going to have to wipe the drool from your mouth by hearing those Aussie accents - I should know since my fiance grew up in Queensland and when it comes out, my knees get weak! Now imagine during my time now in Canberra/Sydney!


    Also - Veronika Maine; if you like hte preppy stuff as much as I do you might like that brand - it's classy and somewhat preppy but a bit of an edge. They still have sales going on here! I have been shopping right and left.

    Have a great time! I know I am over here and wish I could have the time to get to Melbourne (oh do you know the correct pronunciation of Melbourne? It's different: Americans pronounce it like Mel"born" as a baby is "born" but Aussies pronounce it more like Mel"be/irne" - my fiance taught me. Also "Brisbane" is more like "Brisbene.").

    Ok, very long post over. Let me know if you have any more travel/Oz questions, I can answer to the best of my ability.

  2. I have the pink pillow from Brownstone too and use that when we travel. I am a germ freak and take lots of hand sanitizer and (I know this may sound gross) Cottonelle wipes - you can use them for practically everything - and they are flushable. Also, download as much music as you can on your iPod, so that you don't get bored - and if you don't have one - GET ONE!

    Also, take lots of pictures and share with us!

  3. no help here - I am a terrible packer and I don't travel well at all! I'd say get yourself one of those new ipod to download a few movies oh and lots of anti bacterial wipes. If you need additional entertainment or company on your trip - I can clear my schedule! Enjoy!

  4. Have a safe trip! Enjoy yourself and be careful :)

  5. Take a few cute journals with you. When I went to Spain I thought I was going to journal about it all religiously but didn't have the time. But, writing your highlights of the day doesn't take too much time. I also made weekly playlists in my journals that now remind me of my time there. It's great to have those little reminders when you get home. Also- if there are places that you just fall in love with, don't forget to take pictures.

    Don't forget your sunscreen, too! :o)

  6. M.- Wow- thanks! I can't wait to check out that designer you mentioned. I am seriously going to melt when I hear the accents! If I think of any questions I'll let you know.

    PL- I just stocked up on Purell and downloaded a ton of music for my ipod. I also downloaded the free tv shows on itunes to watch on my laptop.

    Kerry- I am going to buy some wipes, especially since you and Libby both suggested them.

    Mrs. S and TPP- THANKS!

    Stefanie- I bought a travel diary and am going to do daily highlights for sure. Good idea about the playlists!

  7. Never been, but wow it sounds like an awesome opportunity! Enjoy and safe travels!

  8. Have an awesome time...I am so jealous! Australia is on my list of places to visit.
    My only advice for overseas travel is: slip on shoes that are comfy in case your feet swell on the plane, Drinks tons of water and sleep sleep sleep. Also try to get yourself acclimated ot the time change as soon as you get there. It might be hard to stay up but the longer you can stay up and not sleep in the middle of the day the faster you'll be back to normal and jet lag won't kick your butt.

    Have a blast and I can't wait to hear stories of your time there.

  9. I was thinking my girl M. would chime in with a lot of good advice. :)

    I've never been to Australia so I'm not help there, but with respect to long-haul flights, do make sure you get up and walk about the cabin. It's important to stretch your legs.

    Have a great trip!!


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