Friday, June 6, 2008

Footy, footy, footy, and some anchors too

A couple of weeks ago I went to my first Australian Football League (AFL or footy for short) game! It was definitely an experience! It is a mixture between American football and rugby. It is huge in Melbourne and its suburbs- 9 teams here! This was Carlton (suburb of Melbourne YAY) vs. Fremantle (southwest of Perth NAY). Of course the rival team has anchors on their uniforms! Even though I was barracking (cheering) for Carlton I had to get some photos of the anchors. In Australia you don't say you are rooting for a team- that means something VERY different!

A fan with an anchor on the back of his shirt

Action shot

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Closeup of the jersey



  1. This was probably one of my favorite things in Melbourne! If you are there long enough, try to go to a Melbourne game (if that is where you are). The fans are just sooooo passionate! I too quickly learned to say "who do you go for?" haha

  2. oooh I love that guy's anchor polo!

  3. What cute uniforms! Thanks for the pics!

  4. Ozzie ozzie ozzie!!! Oi oi oi!!

    (I've just always wanted to do that :))

  5. A person can't go wrong with cute footy boys and anchors! :)

  6. I love football! Even Australian Football! Less than 3 months until College ball starts!


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