Monday, June 30, 2008

Recent JCrew purchases

Bought last Saturday (with the huge in store sale going on I had to look!):

Love this shirt. I'm hoping to find it in other colors at the outlet this week

Really like these sandals too. I don't usually like this style (at least on me) but these are super cute in person

I also bought a navy headband with anchors on it and socks with elephants on them.


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  2. OMG you had me at socks with elephants on them! LOL, I need a pair of happy socks, my wardrobe is looking quite drab.
    But I love the Jcrew snags, the sandals are perfect, I thought those werent my style either but I bought a pair and I was sold! Next shoe on my list? Gladiators

  3. VERRRRY cute! LOOOVE the sandals!


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