Monday, June 9, 2008

Warning: Photo Overload!

Today is a pretty depressing day: my friends are starting to leave :(
So here's to some amazing friends! (Sorry couldn't choose just a few so thought a collage would be best-just click on it to make it bigger)

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  1. LOVE the collage!!! Teach me your ways NbyN! :)

  2. So why do you have to stay so much longer?? :)

  3. Very nice collage!

    Australia is most certainly on my list of "places I must see before I die". I am jealous!

  4. Just think of the good times and cherish them always.

  5. I'm sorry your friends are leaving - thats so hard. When are you coming back to the States?

  6. How special! Looks like some really fun times!!!!


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