Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let's go on a shopping trip

I was going to hold out a bit longer but my mom gave me an envelope of cash and told me to go to Target (to get a present for the little boy I babysit for-he's graduating pre-school!). I just couldn't say no to that! I am slightly embarrassed to admit I proceeded to go to 3 Ross stores and Marshalls. Somehow I missed TJ Maxx-next time I guess. Or tonight ;)

I love how other bloggers post photos of their finds so here is what I saw. I purchased only two of these items(I am so proud of myself!):

From Target:

From Ross (aka Ralph Lauren HEAVEN!):

Definitely my favorite RL item: this set has stripes and polka dots :)


Those are elephants on the Lilly bathing suit!

More Lilly pjs:

What I ended up getting: the white desk organizer and the previous Lilly PJ pants


  1. I'm crying in my coffee now that we don't have a Ross in NJ. Those are GREAT finds!

  2. Brie, there is/are (?) Ross(es?) in NJ. Well, in Southern NJ.

    Kate, I am SO jealous! Our Marshall's, Ross, etc doesn't have stock like that! I might have to get you to get me one of those little embroidered RL purses/totes!


  3. I love those sheets!!!

    Brie - there are Ross stores in Central/South NJ!

  4. I love the anchor tote from Target! I am so going there when I get off work in approximately 57 minutes.. but whos counting:)

  5. Un-buh-leave-uh-bill.
    It is truly unbelievable the amount of stuff you find at your Ross and Marshalls stores... wow! Holy cow!

    If there were one thing (besides family)that made it seem more real that you are finally back home, what would it be? Where does shopping rank?
    Welcome home! Woo-hoo!

    I bet that when the market opens Monday morning TJX Companies stock opens about 10% higher on news "She's baaaaaack and she is buying!" We're glad you are back although we'll miss the tales of all the exotic adventures and stuff. You truly are a great correspondent. Fab photos, great writing, you're the real deal!
    Grins & giggles for the rest of the weekend!

  6. Wow! How you only bought one thing I do not know!

  7. where were those extra long twin sheets when I was in college?!?

  8. So super cute!! I bought Lilly pj pants too (though a diff pattern) and love the thin, soft cotton!!

  9. Why, oh WHY can't they have these stores in Canada. It's just not fair. BTW you have so much self control...I would have bought most of that stuff!


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