Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lessons for my nanny

Special Guest Post by Toddler H (age 20 months)

1. If she's in a hurry I will walk even more slowly. If she gets frustrated and picks me up I will drop something to slow her down again

2. I'm not throwing food. I'm feeding the dog!
3. I stood up on the couch once. Her reaction was so priceless that I now run to the couch and try to stand on the couch whenever she turns around.
4. I say that I'm brushing her hair but it's actually more like teasing it (my mom's from Texas so I know about big hair!)
5. There is nothing wrong with trying to put toys in my diaper. What else am I supposed to do when I'm on the changing table?
6. It's really fun to leave toys on the floor in the kitchen. A secret obstacle course for her!
7. The gardener is my amigo. It would be rude if I didn't wake up from my nap and have a chat with him. I really can't sleep if I know he's outside. Naps are for babies anyway!

8. Putting on shoes is such an entertaining game. If I just curl my toes...
9. Remember that time I went to a fancy restaurant and I threw a fork at her? I was just trying to make her a stronger nanny. She always says that she can handle anything I throw in her way (wait-did she not mean that literally? Oops)
10. If it's too quiet I am concentrating really hard and probably doing something I'm not supposed to do. Just testing the baby proofing!

(this photo is old but I just love it!)


  1. Oh lord can I relate to this. Too funny :)

  2. LOL - too funny! I bet it's worth it though :)

  3. Isn't this age so fun? haha It's a good thing he's so cute--that's what I always say about my boys :)


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