Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Gadabout

Last week I was the featured Glamorous Gadabout over at Project Gadabout. Poppy is so creative-each post is a work of art! I don't know how she has the time to put together such amazing posts! All I had to do was answer some questions and then she did the rest! Each post looks like it's from a magazine and I love how everything turned out (hmm maybe I need to look into using something a little more fancy!)

Here are a few examples:
Nautical By Nature Style File

Anchors Away! It's Time for Nautical By Nature (fact sheet/about me)

Nautical By Nature Spills It! (what's in my bag post)

Nautical By Nature is Making You Dinner! (recipes for my favorite pasta and popovers-I couldn't choose just one!)

Top Ten Reasons to Get a Little Nautical!
(my top ten favorite blog posts)

Treasure Map: Nautical By Nature Takes You Shopping:


  1. Ohhhhhh wow! How cool! All those post look amazing in the format of a magazine!

  2. Wow, those posts do look awesome! I had a ton of fun reading them all. :)


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