Friday, October 7, 2011

Port Winsor

I knew it would be love as soon as I saw the Port Winsor logo:

The founders, Katie and Lindsay, were inspired by their childhoods in New England, spending summers on Cape Cod, the prep school years, and an appreciation for things that get better with time.

Each tunic has a little anchor in the corner:

Watch Hill tunic:

Wellesley tunic:

Longwood tunic:


  1. Those are sis boom fabrics, I have had some at home for months to make shirt, I might just buy it instead
    :) Love them! Thank you

  2. So cute! Thanks again for featuring me in your last post!

  3. I am the proud owner and wearer of both of those port winsor tunics. The fabrics are such nice quality!
    I am also the very proud artist of the artwork on the port winsor site.


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