Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love/hate relationship with fall

I have a serious love hate relationship with fall. I love the cooler temperatures (ok doesn't always happen in LA but I like when it does-boots and sweaters!)


My favorite boots plus 2bandits

fall holidays
(my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving)

Nautical Thanksgiving! Via

and the decorations



But there is one thing I really really hate (besides spiders): LACK OF NAUTICAL CLOTHING! I like to dress nautical year round. Since I live in southern California it's possible (weather wise) but SO HARD TO FIND NAUTICAL CLOTHING AFTER SEPTEMBER! Of course we have sailor striped sweaters and a few nautical critter skirts/pants but overall it's pretty disappointing. Eventually resort lines come out (PHEW) and then spring is just around the corner.

Anyone else hate that nautical pieces disappear during fall and winter? It's hard to find nautical things to post on this blog during fall (hence the other random things you are reading about).


  1. I love fall! It's by far my favorite season! I love fall colors (which I wear a ton of!). My least favorite part of fall is that it usually is over very quickly - it doesn't last long enough and winter is here before you know it. Fall reminds me of the S.P.A. fall festival and childhood - both good things. :)

    Great post, Kate!

  2. I feel exactly the same way. For as long a I can rememebr I have done all my back to school shopping in the middle of the summer. I take advantage of all the sales to get my fill of nautical wear. And since nobody is particularly looking for heavy sweaters and long sleeved shirts in the blistering heat I usually have a good selection to pick from.

  3. I understand your pain! I love all of these things, though, and I love channeling the classic northeastern prep.

  4. I'm with you, but I will say that with all the striped stuff being big this fall I've found it a bit easier.

  5. We share similar sentiment, although in my case it's more about the disappearance of warmer temps!

    Sending you a smile Miss Nautical,


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