Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Favorite baby products?

My sister is 32 weeks pregnant now! The nursery is almost ready and her registry is pretty much complete. When it comes to baby gear there are certain products that I love, ones that I can't believe anyone would buy (thankfully my sister hasn't registered for any of these ;), and ones that I don't have an opinion on. I definitely wouldn't call myself an expert but as a nanny I like to think I know what's out there-the best products and newest trends! But every baby is different and I know I haven't tried every single swing, stroller or swaddle blanket! That's where my readers come in. I'm hoping you will recommend your favorite baby products. What do you wish you had received at your shower? What did you never use?

Here are my top 10 baby products:
Sleep sheep on the go: no need to get the bigger one. This can be used in nursery or attach to carseat or stroller on the go (I’ve seen people put them in stroller at restaurants and other noisy places-great idea)
Summer Infant Swaddleme: I prefer the swaddle blankets that have velcro like these
Halo sleepsacks: You can also get ones that are both a swaddle and sleepsack. I love sleepsacks for when you can't swaddle anymore-available in fleece or cotton. I also like the muslin Aden + Anais sleepsacks for summer/when you need something very lightweight
Bumkins bibs: these are so durable and easy to clean. I actually put H's into the washing machine at least once a week and they are still in great condition
Aden + Anais burpy bibs: use these as burp cloths and then later as bibs (they snap closed)
Whoozit: I've yet to meet a baby that didn't love this toy
Sophie the Giraffe teething toy: Another toy that almost every baby loves (3 Men and a Baby anyone?)
California Baby Shampoo & Bodywash
The Going To Bed Book: Animals that live together on a boat. Enough said.

Let's hear your favorite products!


  1. the Halo Sleepsacks are wonderful! My 3 year old has a huge big one and still sleeps w/ it!

    Dr. Browns Bottles

    If using pacifiers - Nuk ones were my kids favorites

    Never used the boppy, but I know many people that did.

    Have a Maclaren, but don't love it - Graco has always been a great buy for the money!

  2. My friend's little girl has that Sophie giraffe and I had never seen one before that but she LOVES it! and she's really cute! Cute enough for them to get attached too, but big enough not to lose :-)

  3. Excellent list!

    The only thing I'd add is the Fisher-Price sheep swing, without which we wouldn't have survived Master P's infancy.


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