Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mini Boden

Mini Boden has done it once again! Adorable nautical choices for your little ones. I just wish they were all available in bigger sizes!

Anchor sweater (why can't they make this for women?!):

Striped top with mini anchors in a big anchor-umm again, why isn't this in bigger sizes?

Anchor baby boarders:

Girls swimsuit:

Girls shorts (culotte style):

I just love the polkadots too!


Boys swim trunks:

Pull on trousers (I think these are PJ pants? The girl shown in the photo is sitting outside so wear them wherever!):

Towelling throw on (I want this for post-swim/beach!):


  1. This stuff is so cute! I love those pj/drawstring pants, I would so rock those!

  2. I am loving all this anchor stuff!! Love when you give me heads up on things I haven't seen yet :)


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