Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolutions for 2012

1. Respond to emails within 24 hours. I often read emails on my Blackberry and then wait until I am on my computer to respond. But by the time I eat dinner and sit down I've totally forgotten to do that or deleted them by accident and don't respond for days (or weeks-yikes!).
2. Smile more. Sounds easy but it's not always! I think I am a pretty friendly person but when I'm not smiling I look unapproachable/not interested (I think a lot of people have this issue). I honestly don't know how models smile with their eyes (HA!) and look happy without smiling. I've had this conversation with several friends: we've been told we look angry or mean if we aren't smiling (a la the scene in Hitch where Will Smith hits on Eva Mendes). And this isn't just about smiling at a bar or meeting guys: I'm going to smile more when I am stuck in traffic, in line at the post office/grocery store/bank or giving my order at a restaurant.
3. Be more patient with H. This is a tough one. I am pretty patient. I really am (I'm also not perfect either!) But sometimes when he takes a short nap or starts playing with his food I get upset and forget that HE IS A TODDLER! I've really started to change my approach and I can see a difference in my mood and H's.
4. Write down everything in my planner BEFORE or right after: movie titles (and who I went with), playdates, restaurant names.
5. Put new outfits together and dress up more

I had a longer list written in a notebook but of course I left it in my car and now I can't find it. I think this is a good start though!


  1. I am the wrst at checking emails on my berry and forgetting about them! Great resolutions and some I should consider myself!

  2. I feel like I need to smile more, too, Kate! And I want to try putting together more interesting outfits, too.

  3. Great resolutions! I especially like the idea of documenting more in my planner!

  4. Kate, I just found your blog and it's darling! Good luck with all of your Resolutions, they sound great...I wish you the best of luck with them! AND I know they'll make you feel better, it is always nice when you smile more not just for all of those around you, but you as well. And have fun picking out new outfits! So glad I found your site! I hope you have a wonderful week!!
    Twirling Clare


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