Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kate Spade: Anchors Away!

I want it all!

Anchors Away Pendant:

Anchors Away Bracelet:

Bon Voyage Necklace:

All Aboard Earrings:

All Board Mini Boat Studs:

Sailor's Knot Ring (also available as a bangle):

Anchors Away Mini Ring:

Boat Key Fob:

All Aboard Ship Clutch:


  1. Ahhhhh love it all...
    missing summer even more now:)

    Happy Wednesday ♥

  2. I was so excited to see these new arrivals earlier--such a fun theme! Love the All Aboard earrings and that very fun clutch. ;)

  3. I saw the clutch earlier & thought how fun. But the bracelet may be my favorite! I agree, I miss summer!

  4. Saw these last night ... trying to decide which pieces are a must (I'm thinking the anchor or ship earrings).

  5. All of these are so adorable. I can see why you want all of them! Ahoy!!

  6. I love everything obviously... but especially the All Aboard clutch and earrings!

  7. I played with the clutch in a store today and LOVE IT!!!! So fun!

  8. I'll have to visit the Pasadena Kate Spade store in a few months to see if that clutch goes on sale. I love it! The jewelry is cute, too, just wish it came in silver.

  9. Just saw all of these and am obsesssedd! Wish I could have them all, am wondering if I can try making some of these myself!

  10. I love this too! I was in forever 21 today and bought anchor earrings and then saw that they have a necklace online too! They are very much like these kate spade pieces but $1.80 for the earrings...
    that clutch is amazing!

  11. Kate Spade never fails! I think that anchor ring just made my birthday list.

  12. wow this stuff is really cute. That anchor bracelet is awesome!


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