Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY (mini) Gallery Wall

This is the gallery wall at my sister's house. It includes photos from our side of the family and my brother in law's family. Most of the photos are old black and whites of the great grandparents (Baby Nautical's great great grandparents!), grandparents, and my sister and brother in law when they were little.

My two favorite photos: me with my mom and my parents at their law school graduation
I love the look of a gallery wall but I didn't want to commit to a whole wall of photos and/or prints in an apartment I might not stay in. Plus I am lazy when it comes to hanging things-I usually just eyeball what I want to hang (and it doesn't like very professional!). No ruler and pencil. So probably best to wait until I have a house to do a big gallery wall!

I found a set of cheap sailboat prints at Ikea (the website doesn't have the whole selection of prints available in store but I love these city prints and these animal ones for a nursery or playroom). I got a package of blue frames (the NYTTJA frames come in a ton of colors) and made my own mini gallery wall.

If you don't want to invest in prints, try framing postcards, greeting cards, or pages from a book or a calendar!

Here are some nautical prints from Etsy:

Do you have a gallery wall? Do you prefer mixing prints and photos or keeping them separate?


  1. I have pretty much the exact ones (in slightly different colors) of the last set in Greyson's room. I'm trying hard to make a gallery wall in our foyer but I hate committing to all those holes in the wall. Scares me!

  2. I had a gallery wall in my bedroom behind my bed that was full if all different things including pictures and painted canvases. But when I repainted my room I decided not to put it back up in the same way.

  3. As soon as I settle down in my own house, I'll be going after the first nautical print set.

  4. Wish I had that big of a wall to put up so many pucs. Love all of this!

    Juat sent you an email.

  5. I love your sister's wall! What a great idea to include family members from both sides. I love photos in black and white!

  6. Your parents at their law school graduation? Sooo sweet!!! I love that.

    I like gallery walls! I have one in the family room filled with of pictures of my kids and another one above my desk with photos and prints of London.

  7. I love mixed-up, but put together (if that makes sense), gallery walls!


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