Friday, February 15, 2013

Organizing: Playroom

H just had his birthday last week so I am probably going to have to do some reoganizing this month. Rotate out the baby/younger toys, puzzles, and books that he no longer plays with. But these photos give you an idea of how I organize the playroom. H could and would play for hours in the playroom! We spend a LOT of time playing in there so I have to have it organized!

I've always kept the playroom pretty organized because there is a big floor to ceiling shelving unit BUT a lot of the toys were just out on the shelves (cute with a few colorful baby toys but not practical for toddlers who start getting toys with tons of pieces). I wanted to get fun, durable bins for organizing toys.

These Target bins (made by ClosetMaid) are the perfect size, they come in a ton of colors and they are a steal at $6.99. They even have handles! I got the light green for the playroom and then some pink ones for my apartment (the ones I used in my linen closet and bathroom).

I then attached labels (with words and photos) to each bin so adults AND kids know where things go. I had some bins left over from H's old house so not everything matches completely. But I think the colors go together!

Trucks. Lots and lots of trucks (bottom shelf)

Blocks, lincoln logs, animals and people (bottom shelf)

3 Sprouts animal bins hold big trucks
Books and toys that aren't played with as often on higher shelves
Puzzles and anything with lots of pieces go higher up
I just got the brown bin this week and will print out a label this weekend (more trucks). Food, trains (blue bin), more puzzles, doctor kit, tools

Balls (bin from Container store) and H's beloved cleaning cart

3 Sprouts bin of stuffed animals and a random box that holds all of H's garbage cans
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  1. You're a girl after my own heart! I am on a mission to get our house super organized this year/I'm an organizing addict. I use those exact bins, plus the 3 Sprouts and Pottery Barns for all of our toys too. They are all the best. I found great round baskets from Target too - some are low and dark and the others are in the garden section with chalk board labels. They are also really awesome! This looks great and it is so awesome of you to do that!

  2. Wow, you did a great job! I actually looked at those exact same units at Targ├ęt this week, they are a good buy and felt really durable.

    Sending you a smile Miss NbN, and hopes you have a happy weekend!
    tp (I know, it's showing my WKW email, it won't let me comment as TPP)

  3. Holy cow!! that is organized!! Good Job!! I try to organize my apartment, but I give up because i do't like it here and it just gets messed up anyways hahaha

  4. I love it! Great job! I love all of the different bins. And I see so many of the same toys as we have. Haha. I took pictures of our play room a few weeks ago, but still have to write the post!

  5. Wow! I love the idea of having pictures and words on the boxes, so smart!


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