Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Gossip

Today I am linking up with my good friend Leeann for her new linkup, Monday Morning Gossip!

* Yesterday I saw Backbeat downtown. Anything Beatles related I'm there!
* I have to work today but I will have a full week off in March!
* I saw Safe Haven and Julianne Hough cannot act. She should stick to dancing. Anyone else see this movie? Josh looked very very handsome!
* On Friday night I saw the actress that plays Alison on Pretty Little Liars at the mall. Crazy part: a year before I saw her at the exact same place! Valentine's Day 2012 was the day I came home to an eviction notice so I will always remember that day! I saw Sasha Pieterse exactly a year (plus one day) later on February 15, 2013! Is this a sign from A?!
* H got into preschool! Phew! Getting into preschool here is very competitive so I am just glad he got in somewhere! There's a great documentary about getting into preschool in New York City (even more competitive than here). It's called Nursery University and I highly recommend it!
* I picked up some decorations for my Oscar party. I am counting down the days!
* Every time I see Devon Sawa on Nikita I am reminded of my favorite scene in Now and Then:

How was your weekend? Do you have today off?



    Man, I really wanted to see Safe Haven. Boo! Oh but good news - no softball this weekend so I can come to the party! Too bad I haven't seen any nominated movies haha.

    See you tomorrow?

  2. Now and Then is one of my all time favorite movies! Thanks for the Monday morning throwback! Love it!

  3. I love Now and Then and I used to have the biggest teenage girl crush on Devon Sawa!

  4. Oscar party? Super fun.

    I love Now & Then!

    I didn't even know who the H J. Hough was.

    Stopping by from Leeann's linkup.

  5. Congrats to H! I was curious about Safe Haven; I have the book but haven't read it yet. I can't say I'm surprised that she's not that great of an actress. Not sure why but I think I would have guessed that. Probably still worth seeing for Josh Duhamel though! ;)

  6. So safe haven isn't worth it?

  7. I wanna see Safe Haven even though I'm not fully into her "acting career. But let's be honest I just want to see it because of Josh. ;) Can't believe he's 40!!

  8. That's great that H got into preschool!! Way to go!! I really wanted to see Safe Haven only cause of
    Josh. So happy that he is going to be a dad.

  9. I hate to say it but my husband has turned me against chick flicks. Not that I watch too many crazy action movies. I'll probably watch Safe Haven when it comes out on DVD. Speaking of Josh Duhamel, did you hear, he and Fergie are expecting.

    Like you, we will be celebrating the Oscars.

  10. I completely forgot Devon Sawa was in Now & Then!
    Whenever I think of him it is always from Casper -- which oddly enough also stars Christina Ricci.

  11. Aw I'm nostalgic about Now & Then now hehe

    Congrats on getting into preschool... my nephew is starting in the fall. SO crazy how competitive it is!!

  12. Alison is my favorite Liar. So funny that you've seen her twice on the same day! I've had that documentary in my queue forever. I need to watch it! Awww, Now and Then! Love it. Have a fun Oscar party! I wish I could come...!

  13. H is growing up so fast! I saw Nursery University and loved it, great documentary. I'm disappointed to hear that you didn't like "Safe Haven" because I really wanted to see it, but maybe I'll still give it a try.

  14. Now & Then is really one of the best movies of all time. I may have to watch it soon. ;)


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