Friday, February 8, 2013

My Valentine Decorations part 2

I probably go a bit overboard with the pink and red but I can't resist!

Felt garland from Target dollar bins
Pretty flowers with a bow

Yes, I framed the photo of me, Leeann, and Rachel Bilson
Finally found a container for my glitter hearts
Framed photo of the whole family and some Tag heart candles that are too pretty to light
I put red lights below my counter (they even twinkle!). And yes, that's my elephant chalkboard (by the chair) that I still haven't hung up!


  1. Very cute and tasteful! I have a hard time decorating for Valentine's, so usually, I just don't! ;)

  2. Love your decorations! I also love that your picture with Rachel Bilson is framed because I would do the same thing :) Happy Friday!

  3. I love raiding the target dollar bins! Ha your decorations look great!

  4. Too sweet! I never thought about using lights for v-day. I'm running to those target bins :)

  5. So cute! I think the lights are a great touch! I also love that you framed the Rachel Bilson pic. I would too!!

  6. That is so cute!! I love the frames and glitter heart jar. You certainly have creative ideas for your apartment decor...I'm still wanting to copy your shopping bag frames from your bathroom!! hahaha

  7. So cute and festive! I love checking out the $1 bin at Target. I wish mine had had that same felt garland!

    1. I only saw them at 1 (out of 3) Targets so they went quickly or didn't have that many to start with

  8. so cute! I love how you decorated for Valentine's Day! xx

  9. Absolutely LOVE Valentines Day decorations!


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