Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY Contact Paper Dresser Makeover

I have wanted to do something with the white 3 drawer dresser (chest of drawers?), for lack of better word, in my entry way since I got it. I found it by the trash in the parking garage at my last apartment. A few weeks ago Brittany posted this photo of her filing cabinet:

DIY Contact Paper Dresser Makeover
I immediately asked her where she got the contact paper that she used. I had searched multiple times in the past and hadn't found anything I loved. She told me it was from the Macbeth Collection on Amazon (current promotion is buy 4 for the price of 3!). I had actually looked at the Macbeth Collection website but for some reason there is a bigger selection of their liners on Amazon. I ended up buying four different patterns. I used the exact same pattern Brittany used-I just love it!. I also got the same pattern in pink but I thought the blue looked great with white.

Here is how mine turned out:
DIY Contact Paper Dresser Makeover

DIY Contact Paper Dresser Makeover
 Should I leave the white on the bottom or add more contact paper under the 3rd drawer? I think it looks better in person to have the white trim at the top/bottom but I guess I won't know until I cover that area
DIY Contact Paper Dresser Makeover

I think I may be craft challenged because this was REALLY hard for me. Removing the handles took forever! The finished product has a few bubbles and a scratch in the contact paper. It's definitely not perfect. I think part of that is because this was some cheapo dresser that had lots of bumps, tape, glue, etc on it. BUT I am also not a perfectionist and I basically gave up and just went with it. I did try to measure at least!

I decided to do the shelves on the bookcase in my bedroom too. I will post those photos when I am finished moving things around.

Have you ever used contact paper to give something a little makeover?


  1. Such a cute and easy way to spruce up old furniture!

    - Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston

  2. This is such a great idea and it looks so good! I never would have thought of doing something like this!

  3. That looks amazing. No I've never used contact paper but you did a terrific

  4. I have never done this before, nor seen it, but I love the impact it has on the piece. It looks so much better! I like the empty space at the bottom to balance out the colors, for sure.

  5. Definitely like it with the white. I think the border is a good idea.

    1. I am sticking with the white border. It looks better like that in person I think!


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