Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nautical Rain Boots

If there is any chance of rain I will wear my rain boots. I hate wearing regular shoes in the rain: your feet/socks get wet, the bottoms of your pants get wet (and stay wet for hours). I have two pairs of rain boots: Lilly Pulitzer pink elephant swellies and Target anchor boots (same coloring as the whale ones below). I love wearing rain boots at work because I can walk through puddles with H (he has fireman AND Thomas rain boots).

Nautical by Nature blog: Nautical rain boots

1. Target whale rain boots Target rain boots are the best! They come in a ton of patterns, hold up really well, and you just can't beat the price!

2. Payless puddle rain boots Simple nautical stripes will go with everything!

3. Target rain skimmers I have seen different versions of these and am intrigued by the idea. A bit more professional looking than rain boots but still keep your feet dry. Does anyone have something similar?

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  1. Love these! I just bought a pair. I love #3. I might have to get those too!

  2. I got the cutest nautical rain boots from Sperry a couple years ago.. They are red with blue anchors :)

  3. I so need those boots with the whales!! So cute!!

    Best, Mree

  4. all three of these are so adorable! love the shoe ones!


  5. coming over from the link up :)
    LOVE nautical ANYTHING!!!
    im intrigued by the flat rain shoes as well!

  6. The whale boots are too cute!! I have Hunter flats like those Target ones in green and LOVE them. Sometimes boots are too hot in a summer storm!

  7. So sweet to think of you going through puddles with the little guy. How sweet! I am a big fan of the LL Bean boots (the ankle-height ones) which I guess the Payless ones are based off of. Perfect for warmer weather!


  8. I love those whale ones!! I have some just like those but they have anchors all over them :)

  9. Those Target rain skimmers are so cute! xx

  10. I could definitely go for all of these right now!


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