Friday, August 23, 2013

Blankenship Dry Goods

Today I am featuring Blankenship Dry Goods, started by college student Tory Lenzo. The featured product is a line of traditional club shorts, called Freedom Shorts. The name of each product is inspired by American traditions, its natural beauty, and its rich history.

Tea Olive
The shorts feature American themed pockets. The "Lobster" shorts, for example, are specifically inspired by the fishermen of Maine. Blankenship Dry Goods currently has 9 colors available, 4 in seersucker, and the fall collection will be released very soon.

Blankenship Dry Goods remains resolute that made in America is the way to get a product of the highest quality. All goods are created in New York City.

BDG elephant logo on the back of the shorts

Georgia Peach


  1. Shorts are specially designed garments for athletes. Males can wear them to help support their genitals during vigorous activities, but shorts are also designed for female athletes.

  2. I really like those cobalt blue shorts.


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