Monday, August 5, 2013

Crafting with Washi Tape

I realize I am very late to the washi tape party and now I see what I was missing! I am constantly looking for new things to decorate now. What I love most about washi tape is how easily it comes off. I have switched colors/patterns to find the perfect combination. Now I am looking for new washi tape projects. I would love to hear what you have decorated with washi tape! I have only bought washi tape at Michaels so far. Where else should I look (etsy?)?

I started with a simple purple picture frame and added stripes at the top and bottom:

Then I decorated my chargers with chevron stripes and polkadots:

My biggest project so far was the top of my greeting card box:
I promise the lines are straight-optical illusion!

I think I may take off the solid red and replace it with something else

I need to make a new label that isn't my messy handwriting!

Sitting happily on my bookshelf


  1. I think washi tape may just be the best crafting invention of this century ;) I love it!

  2. Cute!! I need some fun washi tape! It looks like a neat way to jazz some of my projects.

  3. I love playing around with washi tape! It's such an easy and fun way to add some personality to anything!

  4. I just got Washi to use in my planner, so I'm right there with you! It's really fun to use!

  5. Love the way you decorated your chargers! Such a great idea!

  6. It looks so easy too! I love your chargers.


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