Monday, August 12, 2013

Nautical Coffee Table Books

I am slowly collecting nautical books. I love the idea of adding books over time and mixing old with new. Right now I have all of my books grouped together (nautical and not nautical) but once I am in a house (or a bigger apartment) my nautical books will be on display on their own.

My best find so far is By the Sea. I found it at a local flea market a few years ago. It is from 1890!

It was a gift to someone for Christmas, 1890!
It has a collection of nautical poems
and black and white nautical photographs

I got The First Book of Boats on One Kings Lane (they have book sales pretty frequently). I ordered Seashores on Amazon. These two are from the 1950s.

My most recent purchase was Rooms to Inspire by the Sea. My mom found Martha's Vineyard in Color at the book store in Sun Valley, Idaho, Iconoclast Books. Both of these were published more recently (Rooms to Inspire in 2012, Martha's Vineyard in the 1980s).

I just ordered Breverton's Nautical Curiosities: A Book of the Sea because the illustrations look fun!

What I want to add to my collection:

Rare and expensive so it may take awhile to find this!

Do you have any nautical books in your collection?


  1. Love this. We've just started collecting more nautical books too, now that they're so easy to find on the Cape.

  2. That little elephant book-end is precious!! My bookshelf is currently a tad cluttered so I definitely need re-organize & also style it at the same time.

  3. I love the little elephant! TOO CUTE! I am always on the lookout for cute coffee table books and I love the ones you picked!

  4. My husband being a sailor and a USNA grad, we have many nautical books and I use them on my coffee table as well as stacked under a lamp or under picture frames in our built in bookshelves. Love the ones you selected!

  5. You already have such a great collection! This is so fabulous Kate!

  6. Love this collection!


  7. I love finding old books! I grew up in Newport, RI and I used to wander into the used bookstores downtown to see if there were any old, forgotten tomes. Where is that elephant from??

    1. Let me look for it! I think I linked to it before. I will comment as soon as I find it

  8. These are awesome books! I love the ones you have already!

  9. Those books are gorgeous. What a collection you already have!!!

  10. I am always on the hunt for good nautical books at flea markets or old book stores! I have a few gems I've found, but I've been wanting to go to some more used book stores to get more!!


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