Friday, January 25, 2008

Shopaholic much?

No matter where I go, I find something to buy. Good shopper or addicted to shopping?

I went to run errands with my mom yesterday and found:

White Ralph Lauren cable sweater

Pink/burgundy/purplish umbrella (for rainy Melbourne)

Reebok speed jump rope so I can do this workout.


  1. I was going to advise bringing an umbrella, but you already got that down! It;s a very pretty color; I got one myself in a sea green from this Japanese store called Uniqlo (sorta like their Gap, but cheaper! There is a store in NYC so I am happy about that) because according to the weather forecast, it will be quite rainy at times in Canberra and Sydney.

    As for other advice...hmm - will get back on that once I return!

  2. Oh no I say, when you find a RL cable sweater in your size at Marshalls, you get it!!


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