Friday, January 11, 2008

These boots were made for walking... or not

I really want these J.Crew boots but they are on final sale so I can't return them if the don't fit.

Would you buy boots/shoes on final sale??

I went to J.Crew today and tried on the same boots with a higher heel and they fit! So I ordered the low heel ones. Thanks for your advice!


  1. Yep - they are nice - very nice! If they don't fit you can always sell them on ebay. Do you have any other shoes from J.Crew? Would they be of similar sizing?

  2. unless you know what size you wear in J crew and their sizes are always true to size, i wouldn't get them. i always like to try something on before i get them, but that's just me.

    :) D

  3. Oh, I shouldn't be answering a question about shoe buying because the answer is always YES!!!

    Thanks for visiting and the comment...I love comments. I'm anticipating reading your adventures in Australia! If you are in Sydney go to the zoo and do the VIP tour - we sent my parents on it and they said it was FANTASTIC!

  4. I'd try them on in store first if you could... if you shop at J. Crew a lot and know their styles, it should be OK... but I tend to buy a size larger than what I normally wear because I always pad the hell out of it

  5. From J.Crew - most def! If you're not sure of size, I'd go up a little - that way, if they are a little big, you can put insoles in and wear an extra pair of socks!

    Go for it - they are pretty much half price!


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